About us

Born from many years of experience in the design of electronic systems and industrial automation,

Today, Omniatronic offers the design of IT and VOIP telephony systems for companies

also dealing with the supply and configuration of hardware and specific equipment

like PCs, printers, servers, switches, routers, Wi-Fi Access Points, PBX, VOIP phones.

Omniatronic also deals with electrical, electronic and software design using components

like PLC from different manufacturers, panel-PC and SCADA software for use on machinery for industrial

process automation, giving advice for the implementation of operational layouts.

Omniatronic provides the design and development of electronic boards (PCBs) with the compilation of the related

electrical and electronic diagrams.

Omniatronic also realizes the design, development and installation of home automation systems

both civil and industrial use, with the supply of electronic components.